Hanne Søreide Haugen & Pauline Ader

We made a story about two best friends. Haakon and his grandma Ethel. Ethel have, since Haakon was little, made him clothes. She knits his sweaters and sews his trousers. Lately grandma Ethel has been doing some mistakes in her work, and she have started to forget a few things. Haakon still loves the clothes. Sometimes he sews some extra buttons on them to make them fit a bit better. But Haakon still wears her clothes, because it is from his best best grandma.
In this collection we present the relation between Ethel and Haakon and the clothes that she made for him. Our goal is to create an emotional bond between a garment and the consumer by using storytelling as a method.

Hanne Søreide Haugen
Pauline Ader
Photophraphy: Amalie Johannessen
Model: Nicolas Africanus Gjefle

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