Julie Moene


QiAxe is the combination of two words that stand for “vital force” in Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. It’s the concept to describe the energy that keeps all our surroundings together, by mastering it, you can empower yourself. It is the energy I want every woman to express in all situations of life.
My collection is targeted to woman who practice martial arts. After doing some thorough research and by my own experience, I noticed that there is a very scarce selection of training clothes for women who practice martial arts. Most of the times, women are wearing men’s or unisex clothes, these clothes are not adapted to women’s body, therefore they do not satisfy women’s needs. My idea is to meet these needs and offer alternatives to women by creating and producing a collection which is specially targeted to woman who practice martial arts. 
“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water […]  Be water my friend” – Bruce Lee.
This famous quote is a representation of what I want to convey with my collection. I seek to help women to express the true nature of their body and empower them with clothes that will help them adapt like water to their opponent.

Julie Moene
Photo: Chai Saedi
Emilia Arratia
Phuong Tran
Dina Al Makharmi
Chriz Nypan
Hair & makeup: Darina Grusko