Have you ever wondered what determines the shape and silhouette of your clothes? Is the clothing industry merely a result of standardization and effectivization that effects our clothes, visually, more than we might think?

These days social media and its retouched “reality” makes it difficult to know what the real reality is like. It feels like a stylized and perfected standard has become the new norm, which few of us can live up to. Even clothes have been affected by this and have in many ways become the opposite of what nature has to offer -namely asymmetry and organic lines. 

In this project we wish to turn an eye to this issue; We aspire to make clothes that reflect qualities we believe is inherent in humans; imperfection and uniqueness. This collection is made mainly from surplus materials (deadstock, samples, defected fabric) from Norwegian brands.

Mari Mobæk
Regine Fjesme Magnussen
Andrea Marie Skeid

Takk til

Våre givere:
C.L.E.A.N by Christina Ledang
Envelope 1976
ESP // Lillunn
Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik
Helly Hansen
Pierre Robert
Røros Tweed
Tom Wood
Brodering: Oslo Unbranded

Fotograf : Sture Nordhagen Gjermundsen
Fotoassistent: Petter Blix

Sminkør: Anja Mobæk

Aurora Birkeland
Jenni Friis
Karianne Skrettingland
Oliver Fremo Amundsen
Ravn Norment-Åsdam
Torje Hanssen