Aliaksandra Kliuchko


Fashion is not really about clothes. It is about life, - Franca Sozzani, 2013. Belarus, a country in the center of Europe. A country where dictature, violence, neglecting of basic human rights, sexism, absence of freedom of speech and legislation – are the reality citizens face in their everyday life in the beginning of the XXI century. Freedom is the opportunity for every human being to be who they really are and to have the values they believe in. Those values stand for the steps a person takes, decisions a person makes and the actions they perform. When someone’s freedom has been restricted, someone’s rights have been compromised and someone’s voice has been ignored, protests do and should happen. Fashion has facilitated the way to address the old injustices, to perform a new subjectivity and to bring change - not just in fashion but on a bigger scale - in a global world. 

Aliaksandra Kliuchko 
Foto: Darja Olsevskaja
Modell: Celina Osnes, Nadezhda Bure