Alesya Liebich

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

This bachelor project consists of two integrated parts. The first part is about the uniqueness of Goth culture and its visual expression, such as clothing design and the use of symbols. The thesis draws up the genres historical lines and socio-cultural background, also showing points of contact with related issues within the subcultures. Both former and current manifestations of Goth culture are discussed, arguing that the genre is still viable, due to its eye- catching and aesthetic expression - still with an appeal as an alternative style.
The second part is about upcycling, in which used garments are redesigned to give the clothes a new life and also being sustainable in an environmental context. The thesis shows examples of how upcycling can be used in the design and manufacture of goth clothes with an urban expression. Here, the choices of the visual and practical tools are explained and grounded.
Joachim Engen
Frida Emilie Berg
Per Semb
Sofie Valvatne

Nina Red