Helene Hovland Hellebø


BLWM are based on the problems caused by overproduction of clothing. The main focus was to figure out the reason of clothing disposal and what we can do to prevent this massive waste. I engrossed in what makes us love physical objects and how can we use these emotional values in a practical way to contribute to longevity. The garments can be used in different ways and some of them are adjustable in size to support that our body also change over the years.  In addition, the collection support design for repair. With a selection of buttons in different colors, the owner is giver and active choice to take part of the design. In this way you can have less garments in your wardrobe, but many different outfits.

Fotograf: Ihne Pedersen. Modeller: Malin H. Hellebø & Liv M. Midttun