Kinga Zablocka

Den nye nuperelle is a project with the purpose of putting shuttle tatting as a technique into the context of modern fashion. The result is a feminine and bold collection fit for work and festivities alike. These modern garments get a new twist with a creative use of tatting, a technique that sadly is dying out due to knowledge and craftsmanship disappearing with the older generations. This project was an attempt to show that shuttle tatting can still have a place in the modern society. The technique can teach us to slow down and appreciate the little things. The new tatting has come! My hope is that it has come to stay. 
Kinga Zablocka

Foto: Elisabeth Vistnes 
Modeller: Kinga Zablocka, Nardos Dawit, Lea Falkenberg Waldal & Siri Vingsand Natvig