Verena Schjerven


The brand I have created for this task I have chosen to call Feel the Performance, in short FTP. Feel the Performance is an athleisure collection based on wool. The core values ​​of the concept are that the garments are designed for a circular economy, of which they are based on 100% wool. As a consumer, you should not only be attracted by the garment’s aesthetic expression. When you use the product, you feel the garment work with your movements. This with the help of the properties that wool has naturally combined with optimal fit and well thought out details.


Verena Schjerven

Mailadr: vschjerven@fashionstudentbruker

Mob: 93833938

Modeller: Victoria Schjerven, Emilie Solberg, Dominika Szymanczuk

Fotograf: Frys tiden AS