Maria Kupen With

Anno 2035

In this project, I want to create awareness around today’s climate change by creating a collection that depicts a dystopian future characterized by extreme climate and weather conditions. I have chosen to name the collection “Anno 2035” due to the many predictions about a future with continued high global warming, which will lead to more extreme weather and the disappearance of the sea ice, if we continue the high emissions of greenhouse gases. By showing a dystopian future scenario, I want to create awareness around the climate crisis and prevent this possible outcome that could be our future, if we do not change our habits. My inspiration for this project is the arduous polar expeditions that were carried out in the early 20th century. Antarctica is the region in the world that has been affected the most by climatic and weather changes. The polar ice cap is melting, which could create drastic changes for the rest of the world in the near future.

Portrait picture of Maria

Maria Kupen With
Fotograf: Christian Jr Kapako
Modeller: Daniel Tim Johnson, Anna Behncke Nes, Ingunn Solevåg, Gloria Kapako