Helene Gabrielsen


The age of disposable fashion is in need of a drastic change. In this thesis I have explored the possibilities of transformational and sustainable clothing and how this could be a solution to extend a garment longevity. The concept is inspired by modules and the different ways they can be assembled and taken apart. In this collection I have used techniques and colors inspired by the art of Yves Klein and Sophie Rowley. The collection is in the ready-to-wear segment with a focus on creating close relations between the consumer and product by providing fine craftmanship and elegant materials. The garments are made out of natural and durable materials such as wool, silk and hemp to promote longevity and give it a touch of luxury.

Helene Gabrielsen
Photo: Anine Desire
Modell: Anniken Næss Kullebund
Hair & makeup: Celin Aydin