Stine Ripegutu

Lease´n up

«Lease´n up” is a project that question consumerism. It takes a look at the shadows of the fashion industry. Why do we consume? Is it possible to make a collection that does not come a part of the fashion industry as it is today? An industry where there no longer is 4 seasons a year but 52; That has lost the sense of quality and hand craft.
I wanted to inform people about these problems but at the same time have a positive way of looking at it. My solution was to create a collection inspired by the problems, but that couldn´t  be bought by the costumer. The only way for the customer to use it is to rent it. By leasing clothes you make it possible to make beautiful and special pieces, without contributing to todays overconsumption. It is possible to be stylish, without destroying the world.

Stine Ripegutu
Photo: Nadia Mutoni
Models: Nora Aicha Maman, Vilde Heldal & Benjamin Dankwah