Hannah Othilie Romberg


In 1969 Rudi Gernreich anticipated that by the year 2000 clothing would not be identified as either male nor female. Even though this revelation has not come true, it is a good starting point for a possible future, and the basis of what I wanted to develop and explore with Transition. I personally find our society’s expectations regarding gender to be rigid and not including for deviations from the norm. Transition is therefore a collection exploring the boundaries between femininity and masculinity, with the intension of making a gender neutral collection. Based on those who question their own gender, I have portrayed gender fluidity by mixing feminine, masculine and androgynous references from fashion history. Transition is questioning the current gender roles and is portraying new, more modern and fluent gender roles.
Hannah Othilie Romberg Marthinsen

Hannah Othilie Romberg
Photo: Alexander Thorsen
Models: Anna Filippa Angell and Rasmus Dobloug Markussen (EB-models)