Maria Doroshenkova & Martine Holmberg

Poesi by Maria & Martine

Inspired by the fusion between our identities and cultural backgrounds we had a vision to create the fashion brand, named Poesi by M&M. The brand is telling the story of a young woman, exploring new places and new cultures to gain new experiences in life. She grew up close to the nature and are now living her life in urban environments. In «Silvis», our first spring/ summer collection, we follow her first journey which is inspired from our childhood memories strongly connected to the nature. We wanted to explore how to create our own signature brand with a feminine look with delicate fabrics, decorative embellishment and nature prints combined with a clean Scandinavian silhouette.

Maria Doroshenkova
Martine Holmberg
Photography: Jon Bøhn
Make up: Caroline Aarab