Adelheid Aase Skiple


How can I use clothes as a tool to shine light on overconsumption in our society? The light bulb theory is a well know theory of how planned obsolescence became the new production manner. Ironically it is also the symbol of new ideas and innovation. My thesis discusses the differences between our feelings towards overconsumption and our actions to prevent it. We are all a product of the society we live in. The question is how and can we change as a whole nation for the better? To be sustainable, people need to know the consequences of their consumption. My collection is made in the hopes of not being reproduced, and inspire to change.

Adelheid Aase Skiple
Photo: Stian Mauricio Foss
Models: Aurora Louise Haugen Itland & Vanessa Storøy Merine
Makeup: May Lisbeth Tindeland