Marita Solhjell Ølander

A Textile Rebellion

My project is all about going against what the established commercial part of the fashion industry does with a special focus on mass production. I have used the Japanese aesthetic phenomenon wabi-sabi as inspiration. It appreciated the beauty of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. By using natural materials that easily get weathered, as a result of use, I have followed the wabi-sabi way of materials. I have applied handicrafts techniques and I have used a lot of time on the garments, unlike what the commercial part of the fashion industry does. The silhouette and inspiration for the different garments are from workwear.

Marita Solhjell Ølander
Photo: Frida R
Model: Christian Maartmann-Moe
Make up: Sara Emilie Askerød & Joanna Skeie