Karoline Hoel

Bonnie & Clyde

Music has a great influence on the fashion industry. People’s mood, behavior and visual expression is often a reflection of the music the person is listening to. In this project I have elucidated the relationship between fashion and music. On the basis of the hip hop movement I have made a menswear and womenswear collection for Autumn / Winter 17. Music is an arena where artists can express themselves verbally in relation to social issues, politics or to create a personal artistic universe. The artists reach out to a large audience with their lyrics and melodies, and have a considerable influence on people. My intention has been to develop a collection based on hip-hop movement’s visual expression. I wanted to create a collection that is individualistic and that reflects hip-hop artists attitude.
My research question for my project is: How has hip-hop influenced the fashion industry. On this basis I wanted to create a collection inspired by the artists Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Karoline Hoel
Photo: Mari Torvanger Knap
Models: Denise Bricen & Stig. J Haugen
Make up: Nataya Wesaw