Camilla Natalie Pedersen

Power Women

The project is about creating a clothing line that violates with the society´s unwritten norms and rules on what is socially accepted to wear. I have explored the factors that determine how we dress, and why some will say that colors are ”dangerous”. I wanted to make bright colors, fun patterns and interesting shapes more common to wear, and challenge the way we dress, away from the traditional and proper. I wanted to create my own world, like a wonderland; more adventurous, fun and playful.
One of my many inspirations were strong women, and I focused on how I could express ”Girl Power” through my clothes. I used bright colors, feminine floral patterns, and techniques like pleating, wrinkles and flounces to express this. The collection is feminine, playful and vibrant!

Camilla Natalie Pedersen
Photo: Camilla Natalie Pedersen
Models: Inga Latifa Ekblad, Jennifer Helene Ovesen & Charlotte Borge