Marie Lunde Fossdal

Still a «G» thing

In this project I have looked at the similarities between two forms of self-expression, hip hop and Neo-Expressionist art. My work is based on two muses; Snoop Dogg and Jean-Michel Basquiat, two prominent figures within their respective areas.
Both have a clear intention of conveying something from their generation and, with a critical eye, to take a critical stance through comment and communicate what is going on in society.
My intention has been to create a unisex autumn/winter collection that takes the increasingly commercialized hip-hop style into a more individualistic direction, using an impulsive and emotional expressive art form. Neo-Expressionism arose as a reaction against perfection and minimalism. I want to create an expression that reflect this casual approach to fashion.

Marie Lunde Fossdal
Photo: Christian Bakstad
Models: Nico Nicolai & Hannah Hansen