Karoline Ekra

«Cool to be ordinary» write Kristiane Larssen and Ingrid Røise Kielland in the article «The Classic Young» in D2 Fashion, November 2014. They write about a teen style where the generation gap between young and adult is smaller than ever. They also write about girls borrowing their mothers’ clothes and boys who wants to appear «well behaved».
The content of this article inspired me in my work with my BA project where I have chosen to focus on teenage girls as my target group. The pieces in the collection are inspired by the classic «Ivy League Style» mixed with the more humorous 90´s fashion, and are designed to challenge the growing teen style.

Karoline Ekra
Photo: Jens Westbye
Models: Margrethe Ekra og Frida Tangerud
Make up: Margrethe Ekra